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Our main focus is on quality

At EMS, we think that customer satisfaction is a top priority for successful quality management. Top quality products are essential to ensure lasting competitiveness. Constant improvements throughout the entire company are important for sustainable success. The fundamentals for this include processes that are easy to manage and understand, quality and environmental awareness as well as the knowledge of our employees. In addition, we also work in close cooperation with our customers, partners and suppliers. Because of EMS quality standards, we can ensure continual improvement to the quality of our solutions, processes and services.

We use a management system based on

DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949 and DIN EN ISO 14001:2015

which helps us to optimise our processes as well as safeguard and improve our quality and our environment.

Process and product quality

EMS microswitches stand for quality with a consistently high technological standard.

Our commitment to quality is based on multidimensional, global cooperation. Our employees are an important component of this because of their high level of technical expertise and their innovative skills. In addition, all of our partners also meet the strictest purchasing requirements.
This enables us to ensure quality starting from development, production and finally to the delivery to the customer. And you can be sure that our main focus is always on the numerous interests and desires of our customers.

We develop customised products for our customers which set new standards in the global market based on safety and longevity.


1. New development

New developments are tracked closely from the very start in our in-house laboratory. The experiences gained from these results then continuously flow back into development processes, leading to a cost- and time-optimised series production and the fulfilment of individual customer requirements.

2. Validation

The laboratory contains a wide variety of test equipment, primarily for testing applications in the automotive sector.

· Temperature storage from -40°C to +130°C
· Temperate changes from -40°C to +130°C
· Temperature shock from -40°C to +130°C
· Constant moist heat
· Cyclical moist heat with and without frost
· Leak tightness to dust and water
· Long-term testing at a climate of -40°C to +130°C, with and without moisture
· Various electrical load types, z.B. ohmic / capacitive / inductive / lamp / or combined
· Various test object drives, e.g. with pneumatics, step motor, stroke magnet
· Chemical testing (resistance to chemicals)

3. Research activities

Our laboratory is equipped to perform research on new or existing systems, e.g. car locks, along with measurements even under climate conditions.


We commit ourselves to work according to the highest quality standards to ensure the best possible quality. Accordingly, we have received essential certifications and we renew them on a regular basis. Along with the required certifications for the automotive industry, we are also certified in quality management for explosive environments.

Environmental protection, like quality, is also very important for us. In addition to the environmental management certificate and in sync with our electric and hybrid vehicles, we receive 100% green electricity. In the following, we make available our certificates as a PDF:

1. Quality management system

· Automotive-specific quality management certification:
IATF 16949
· Certified quality management in explosive environments:
ATEX 1787

2. Environmental certificates

· Automotive-specific quality management certification:
ISO 14001
· Certified quality management in explosive environments:
Electricity certificate