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Cable harness assemblies

These assemblies are exposed to extreme environmental impacts such as strong temperature fluctuations, saline solutions and mechanical loads. That's why the EMS assemblies in front-end use are a good example of robust and high-quality microswitches.

Features and versions

Front flap switch
These widely used and proven models of front flap switches consist of a microswitch with a housing and a customer-specific cable harness. They are located in the front flap lock and are used to check the position of the front flap and relay this information to the on-board electronic system.

These applications are used in the following brands and model series:

• The entire VW Group, i.e. VW, AUDI, Skoda, Seat, to Bently and in all models, e.g. Golf, Passat and Polo
• EMS front flap switches are used in many BMW models, e.g. X-Series, i8 and i3 as well as in next generation electric vehicles
• Mercedes also uses EMS assemblies, e.g. in Vito, the C Class and S Class
• Other assemblies are used by Jaguar Land Rover, Geely and GM

Electronic component carriers (EKT)

EKTs are used in side door locks, inside door mechanisms, rear end locks and other areas. These EMS assemblies are particularly efficient as well as material efficient, ensuring high cost efficiency.

Features and versionsn

Lock shell
The lock shell consists of a plastic housing in which various microswitches, strands and motor contacts are incorporated depending on the model. The housing serves as the carrier for the side door lock and its function is to query the positions of the door lock.

These applications are established in many cars and various brands:

• All side door lock models at Renault, Nissan and Smart
• EMS EKTs are also used in the rear end lock area for the same brands
• Inside door mechanisms at VW for opening side doors

Temperature sensors

This sensor technology is a sector in which we are actively involved providing innovations. We have experience with temperature sensors and Hall sensors, which we sometimes supply as large-scale production. However, for customer-specific applications and special requirements, we develop series products and this can also be done in cooperation with the customer's Development department. In this way, we provide solutions for the integration of these sensors into your application while taking into account the application technology.

Features and versions

Our temperature sensor is an electronic sensor with efficient connection and installation technology. It is primarily used in cars for the capture of the outside temperature to be displayed in the cockpit. Temperate measurement is required for essential functions such as the temperature-dependent evaluation of ultrasonic sensors for automatic parking as well as other temperature-dependent functions in the car.

Hight actuation force (HBK) button

The function for the electrical opening of doors, hatches and swing doors by means of a secure and robust operation is ensured by the haptic function (target force). For this, a precise microswitch is actuated under the specified force of a stainless steel snap dome. The high tolerance accuracy and the short switching paths results in a highly accurate opening function.


Many electric rear hatch locks are equipped with the EMS HBK button. There are also special applications for the VW T6 and the Porsche Cayenne (higher actuation force requirement) that are equipped with the EMS HBK button. The electric swing door of the BMW i8 also uses this product. Here the HBK button is integrated into the swing door, which was achieved through a very flat design. That's why this HBK button is perfect as a switch element for very high technical requirements as well as for the most compact designs.