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Switch operating force ES: max. 2.5 N
DS: max. 5 N
Release force ES: min. 0.3 N
DS: min. 0.6 N
Differential travel min. 0.2mm/ max 0.5mm
Permitted temperature range 40°C to +85°C, upon request up to +120°C
Switching time max. 20 ms (1 mm/s actuating speed)
Service life Mechanical: 2,000,000 related to the switch system
Electrical: 100,000 (at 3 A nominal load)
Electrical switching capacity 3 A / 12 V DC (min. 10mA)
3A /250V AC (min. 10mA)
5A / 12V DC upon request
5A / 250V AC upon request
Depending on the contact material selected

The MS003 microswitch has been in production since 1997. This high-quality switch has been successfully in use since then in applications such as explosion protection, power plant systems, drive technology and industrial facilities.

The switch system

The double contact switch system contains two moving contacts that are positioned on a lever via a screw tension spring. The lever is connected directly to the plunger. When the plunger is actuated, both moving contacts flip from both bottom contacts to both upper contacts. This powers off both bottom contacts. A synchronous flip of the moving contacts is always ensured for the corresponding switching speed. The MS003 comes in a double (DS) and singe switch (ES) version.

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